Wednesday, February 15, 2006

UK Government want a backdoor in Vista??

OK, this post is going to make me look paranoid since this is my second post about privacy issues. Nevertheless, I think it's worth blogging about.

According to BBC News , the UK government are in talks with Microsoft because they're scared all the new encryption features in Windows Vista will stop them from accessing suspects' files. So, and I quote from the news story:

Cambridge academic Ross Anderson told MPs it would mean more computer files being encrypted.

He urged the government to look at establishing "back door" ways of getting around encryptions.

Does that mean that Microsoft are considering deliberately putting a backdoor in Windows Vista? OK, I might have jumped a few stages there, but that certainly would seem a dangerous move by Microsoft or even if the government were to suggest it. I certainly don't want to buy an operating system in which there are known vulnerabilities. The potential for wrong-doers now to go looking for the backdoor is high, as we probably won't find out whether it makes it into the code or not and this could lead to embarrassment for Microsoft and the government. Or it could all be over exaggerated and hypothetical.

Just a thought...


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