Sunday, February 19, 2006

OSx86 Project doesn't get taken down by Apple

The OSx86 Project, a site dedicated to news about running Mac OS X on generic Intel hardware have removed some posts on their forum after they included links to a hacked patch for Mac OS X 10.4.4 that allowed it to be run on generic x86 hardware. According to their site, a lot of tech news sites, including good old Slashdot, claimed that the whole of OSx86 Project had been shut down, whereas what actually happened, according to this post by OSx86 Project, is that they agreed with Apple to take down certain forum posts after a forum member linked to the hacked OS X files.

They state that:

This site was not founded to be a "watercooler for hackers" as CNet posited. Instead, it was simply meant to be welcoming Mac community for switchers and experts alike.

This may be so, but the name OSx86 Project does sound a bit like a hacking site, does it not, considering that OS X is not meant to be run on standard x86 boxes? Perhaps they should have called it 'The Intel Mac Community' instead.


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