Thursday, February 09, 2006

Google Desktop 3 beta

Google has released a beta of the next version of their Google Desktop program.

The release is covered pretty well on the Google Desktop Blog. Features include:
  • Improved APIs so that developers can produce more powerful extensions to enhance the functionality of the program.
  • Search across computers - allows searching of several computers in a network from one computer.
  • Updated preference page.
  • Indexing of zip files.
  • Advanced search form.
  • Playing online games with contacts using the sidebar.

It looks like it's quite a big upgrade, and it needs to be - with much improved searching in Windows Vista, Google Desktop will soon no longer be able to take advantage of the poor searching capabilities in XP. It needs a new unique selling point, which is also unlikely to be the sidebar as that looks set to be a standard feature in Vista as well, with all sorts of interesting widgets. I think they're looking at at least another strong update to the program before the release of Windows Vista in the Autumn. It will certainly be a big challenge for Google.

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Peter said...

Whoo! I absolutely love Google Desktop, so thanks for bringing the new version to my attention.