Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Microsoft's answer to bash

One of the things that makes (in my opinion) Windows Server a less capable server solution than Linux and FreeBSD etc. is the lack of a decent shell scripting language. The whole DOS batch script thing isn't powerful enough to do really neat things within a shell script, unlike a shell like bash, so this has been an area where Linux has beaten Windows Server.

So when I read this article about MSH (Microsoft Command Shell, previously known as MONAD) it made me realise that this advantage for the open source (and the commercial Unix flavours like Solaris) may not be there for much longer.

It appears Microsoft realise this weakness in their server platform's architecture and are bringing out their version. It appears it will be syntax a bit like C (that makes it a bit different from bash), from this code example I have seen:

$var = "This is MSH".Split(" ")

foreach($str in $var)

What is funny, however is how the author of the article says:

From performing administration on a remote box to searching files using LS piped to Grep, BASH has its many uses.
Considering that bash is Unix-based, capitalisation matters, so LS is not the same as ls and BASH is not the same as bash, Grep is not the same as grep...

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