Saturday, January 28, 2006

Windows Vista videos

I would personally love to get my hands on one of the CTP (community technology preview) releases of Windows Vista, the next version of Windows due for release in the Autumn. However, I don't have the thousands needed for an MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) subscription, and so I can't have it.

The next best thing is to watch all the videos available on the web about Windows Vista at the moment. And believe me there are loads. First of all, the Windows Vista Weblog has links to a whole load of videos about various features in Vista:

  • New TCP/IP network stack - Video
  • New Audio stack - Video
  • New Aero user interface - Video
  • New integrated search and file management - Video
  • New fonts ans readability technology - Video
  • New Kernel changes - Video
  • New features for international users - Video
  • New print technology - Video
  • New installation technology - Video
  • Sidebar and Gadgets - Video
  • Sideshow - Video
  • New applications like Windows Mail - Video
  • New crypto technology - Video
  • Windows as RSS platform - Video

  • I have to say the videos I found most interesting were the Aero UI video and the Sidebar and Gadgets one. There's lots of detail there.

    There's also a video from Bill Gates CES keynote on the new features provided in Vista on the Microsoft website.

    On a lighter note, going round the web recently have been a really funny set of videos comparing Windows Vista, due out in 9 months time to Mac OSX Tiger, which was released a few months ago. It has a guy talking about the new features in Vista whilst demonstrating the features on OS X. If you're only going to watch one, I'd watch the first one as I think it's probably the funniest, although they're all very funny.

    Episode 1

    Episode 2

    Episode 3



    LikeWind said...

    I was looking for these vidoes. Thanks!

    LikeWind said...

    Forgot saying that mac os x demonstrations were really funny. :D