Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Macworld Expo in San Francisco

Just a quick post to outline what was announced at this year's expo.

FM radio remote control for the iPod
Fairly self explanatory - it is a remote control that adds FM radio to the 5G iPods. It is controlled via the screen of the iPod itself, and stations can be saved etc. This kind of functionality has actually been around for quite some time with third-party accessories.

MacBook Pro
Intel-based dual-core beast of a laptop. It looks amazing! It replaces the Powerbook G4, and is 'up to 4 times the speed' of it. The MacBook Pro also sports a built in iSight camera and the website talks about the use of an apple remote with Frontrow.

Intel iMacs
Much anticipated, and widely expected announcement. The iMacs are based on an intel processor, but otherwise remain much the same, costing from £929. They're supposed to be twice as past as their predeccessors.

iLife 06 and iWork 06 released
Upgrades to the iLife creativity suite and iWork productivity suite were announced. iLife has a new addition - iWeb - designed to allow easy publishing of blogs. Garageband 3 also has features designed for podcasting. iWork has no particularly exciting additions, just a few extra features here and there, and general improvements.

Thats about your lot - no iPod Nano-esque 'one more thing!' announcement this time in Job's keynote. Most of the stuff here was anticipated. However, there were still lots of interesting announcements though, and Mac fans seem quite happy.


Alex Brain-ian said...

I wish that mac wouldn't bring out updates to all their products so often. all my stuff is obselete now.

i'm going to cry now.

Anonymous said...

my pc wont load. doesn't it like me anymore.

sarah harman said...

aparently ultra-new software for the mac, is coming out soon. Does anyone know anything more about this? great by the way