Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Of all stupid things

With the new IE7, which I have already fallen out with, I have just discovered an absolutely ridiculous flaw with it. MSN (part of microsoft) UK portal development teams have obviously not yet tested their site with IE7. It completely fails to render properly, as can be seen from the screenshots below.

I maintain my belief that the UI is odd, unintuitive and probably buggy (I hope its current state counts as buggy, because otherwise IE7 is going nowhere). For some reason, the menu bar (File, Edit, View etc) appears below the top fixed bar, and the Google Toolbar 4 Beta does not show up on new tabs, as it won't appear on about:blank pages.

I have, however, managed to get IE7 to connect properly every time now, although it still seems incapable of rendering Blogger's 'create post' page properly. All I can say is, by the time Firefox gets to Beta 2, it is certainly at a much more mature level than this program, which at the moment is completely worthless.

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