Monday, January 16, 2006

Million Dollar Homepage

The Million Dollar Homepage has been much covered in the media recently. Founded by skint British student Alex Tew as a way to fund his university education, it sold pixel space on the site for the rate of $1/pixel with a minimum purchase of 100 pixels. It worked, and Tew made his million dollars, selling pixels to companies such as The Times and Orange.

However, I have noticed that the Million Dollar Homepage has not been online of late. This could make some advertisers very angry, considering they have paid for their adverts to be on the site for at least three years. This could be just a temporary outage (although it was down yesterday as well) or it could be that Tew has made his quick buck and has now gone to do something else.

I admire him for the idea, but there could be an awful lot of trouble if he doesn't manage to get the site back up and running.

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