Tuesday, January 31, 2006

First impressions

My first impressions of IE7 are not good. I wanted them to be, I really did, but they’re not.

First of all, it refused to connect to the internet. It would ‘dial up’ my broadband connection perfectly successfully, but then once it had connected it denied any knowledge of the event, asking me to connect again, which obviously didn’t work. When that failed, instead of trying to connect, it just gave up and decided to give me the option to go through that cycle again, or ‘work offline’, in which case it decided that it couldn’t connect and so that didn’t work either. It also refused to recognise any pre-existing connection that I set up before I opened the browser.

However, I did manage to make it connect eventually by clicking the right combination of ‘connect’ and ‘work offline’ buttons. I then decided to go to Blogger to post this post, which was already going to be negative. However the ‘create post’ section of Blogger did not work. The text appeared as white (well actually it didn’t appear at all, not even when I highlighted it or changed the colour) and all that happened was the cursor moved forward, as though I was typing spaces.

On the good side, however, subscribing to feeds worked very well and it presented the XML of the RSS/Atom nicely, so that is a good point. It does have a weird UI though.

I’ll do a proper review when I can bring myself to open the stupid program again.

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