Saturday, March 18, 2006

HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc Drives on their way

Yahoo! News is reporting that the next-gen disc drives will be arriving en masse in April, along with content from Warner.

I had a big surprise when I saw the costs:

Sony has priced its first desktop computer that will have a Blu-ray Disc burner. The drive will be able to write to 25GB and 50GB BD-RE (rewritable) and BD-R (write once) discs. Sony will start selling 25GB BD-RE and BD-R discs in April for $20 and $25 respectively and 50GB capacity versions of the same discs later in the year for $48 and $60 respectively.

With media costing that much, take up is going to be limited to obsessed early adopters for quite some time, which means that the real format war won't start until the prices are much lower, which I guess could be as much as a year or at most a couple.

Let battle commence!

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