Sunday, March 12, 2006 is a new free tool which will create an RSS feed of almost any website, whether or not they provide one. From the site:

In depth: what can you do with
» Generate feeds for any website or specific page
» Save those feeds, so you can read them in any rss reader. One click adding.
» Syndicate those feeds: put the headlines on your own website
» Monitor websites realtime: always know the latest news from any webpage

They have some examples of what you can do with their technology:

CBS Strange news CBS has many feeds, but not for "strange news". We created it.
eBay search for FerrariHandy feed when you want to buy a Ferrari... toy. Took 10 seconds to create.
Pittsburgh Steelers NewsThe winner of the Super Bowl had no feed. Until FeedYes came along.
ATP tennis top 30Tennis fanatic? In 15 seconds we created a feed for the top 30 players
MSNBC Palm Springs newsWe found a page with local news, and got a feed for it.
Dr. PhilDr. Phil does not offer a feed. We made it for him.

Of those I think the most interesting application is eBay. That is the use which could get the most people using the service, and with so many ways now to consume RSS feeds and the number increasing every day, is a useful way to bridge the gap between where we are now, and the day when every non-static website will have feeds of some description.

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