Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Apple attack French DRM law

What did I tell you?

Following up from this story, it seems as I predicted, Apple aren't too happy about the proposed law by French MPs to force companies to open up their DRM systems.

They even gave a statement saying that the law would result in "state sponsored piracy":

iPod sales will likely increase as users freely load their iPods with "interoperable" music which cannot be adequately protected. Free movies for iPods should not be far behind in what will rapidly become a state-sponsored culture of piracy...

Surely the idea of opening up the technology will allow the content to be "adequately protected", as the copy protection would be built into the iPod? Or is it just that Apple don't want WMA files being played on iPods...

Anyway, no doubt there will be more on this story, considering Microsoft haven't said anything yet.

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