Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fun new products

Yesterday Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced some 'fun new products' at a press event. They weren't particularly exciting, but the announcements were as follows:

1. iPod HiFi. These are already made by iPod accessory manufacturers, but Apple has decided it wants a share of the market.

It as a built in iPod dock on the top, and an Aux socket on the back so that it can work with the Shuffle as well as third party players. It costs a very high £249.

2. Intel Mac Mini. As expected, Jobs announced the Intel Mac Mini. It comes in both Core Solo and Core Duo flavours with Media Centre software Frontrow and iLife 06. According to Apple, it runs up to 4x faster than the previous model.

3. Leather iPod case for $99 (£69). Seems an awful lot of money for a case, but it does look quite nice.

The Apple logo on the front is probably the case's unique selling point.

iPod Accessory makers must be nervous as to the harm that Apple's new products could do to their business, but if I were them, I would be too worried. At £249 and £69 the HiFi and Case are hardly designed to appeal to the masses.

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