Saturday, April 29, 2006


This week Microsoft released IE7 Beta 2. It's the third public build they've released (the other two being Beta 2 'Previews') and it is now said to be feature and layout complete. That means that it's not getting any more features and webpages look the same in it now as they will do when the final version is released. All I can say is, they've got a lot of bug fixing to do. I can't use IE7 for anything, as it is so unstable, on both my desktop and laptop. It crashes on Yahoo! Mail Beta and even on the MSN Videos site.

The good news is that MS is offering free telephone support to those trying the beta in the US and quite a few European countries. The bad news is it isn't available in the UK, so I can't ring them to sort out whatevever is causing the problem. I'm not running any particularly unusual software that could possibly be affecting the browser, and to be honest, by this point I would have expected the beta to be much more stable. Bon Echo, effectively Firefox 2 Alpha 1 is infinitely more stable, and I don't think that has crashed on me once. So it looks like I've made my decision as to which next-gen internet browser I'm using!

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