Tuesday, May 23, 2006

To Levent Besik

I have actually just moved my blog, to gizbuzz.co.uk, and will post about the issue there. Alternatively, you can contact me at ----------------------

In the mean time, you can download copies of the two files attached to the latest error report sent to Microsoft on crash here. The file names are original.

The crash appears to be random, but it always occurs within 1-2 minutes of opening, even when all addons have been disabled.

I hope this helps, but feel free to contact me if you need any more information. I would like to be able to use IE7, so am quite happy to help!


The Mad Blogger said...

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Levent Besik said...

Hi Huw,

I just saw your post on your new blog :) I've looked at the dump you uploaded, and although not very clear, it seems like this might be a caused by a known incompatibility of IE7 with an older version of Google Desktop. Google has released an updated version which fixes this issue. Meanwhile, as you might know, we've also just released the latest public version of IE7 today (Beta 3) – I suggest you try out this new version with the latest version of Google Desktop, and see if you’re still seeing a similar crash.

If you do see issues, please keep all crash dumps, and let me know. Once again, thank you for your helping us make IE7 better!


Internet Explorer Team